Humble Beginnings

You want your business to grow, but aren't sure how to get there. That's where we come in. From initial concept to final launch, printed materials to marketing strategies and everything in-between, this site will be your gateway into our process. You can sign up to be notified via email of further installments, follow us on the social media platform of your choice as well as jumping over to our current website to see who we are and what we do best.

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Our BIG Campaign

We've been fortunate to have 9 years of consistent business growth through mostly word-of-mouth advertising, and we knew we had just scratched the surface of our potential.

We wanted to BE BIG, and more importantly, we wanted our clients to BE BIG! So we put together a marketing strategy to show our clients how they too can reach their potential through their own marketing.

Campaign Objectives

We realized that some companies might feel intimidated by industry jargon like responsive web design, integrated marketing strategies and content management systems. In wanting to assure them that with the right partner these words shouldn't be feared, we discovered the objectives for our marketing campaign: anyone can BE BIG; and we will show them how. By doing so, we have the opportunity to broaden our reach and demonstrate our expertise while building new relationships with prospective clients.

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website_redesign.scss x

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//    | |     / /__  / /_  _____(_) /____     / __ \___  ____/ /__  _____(_)___ _____
//    | | /| / / _ \/ __ \/ ___/ / __/ _ \   / /_/ / _ \/ __  / _ \/ ___/ / __ `/ __ \
//    | |/ |/ /  __/ /_/ (__  ) / /_/  __/  / _, _/  __/ /_/ /  __(__  ) / /_/ / / / /
//    |__/|__/\___/_.___/____/_/\__/\___/  /_/ |_|\___/\__,_/\___/____/_/\__, /_/ /_/
//                                                                      /____/
//     _       __     __         _ __
//    | |     / /__  / /_  _____(_) /____
//    | | /| / / _ \/ __ \/ ___/ / __/ _ \
//    | |/ |/ /  __/ /_/ (__  ) / /_/  __/
//    |__/|__/\___/_.___/____/_/\__/\___/
//        ____           __          _
//       / __ \___  ____/ /__  _____(_)___ _____
//      / /_/ / _ \/ __  / _ \/ ___/ / __ `/ __ \
//     / _, _/  __/ /_/ /  __(__  ) / /_/ / / / /
//    /_/ |_|\___/\__,_/\___/____/_/\__, /_/ /_/
//                                 /____/

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The Branding Idea

To create a logo that was big and bold, attracted attention and reflected growth. The logo could be used on its own while staying aligned with Graphic Intuitions' existing identity. To ensure our logo is being used correctly, whether internally or by other organizations, we use a logo standards guide.

The Process

Processes vary based on the scope of the project and the client's desired solution; for this design we went through numerous typefaces until we found one that would create an impact but could also be used in a compact state. Once the typeface was established, we defined where to put our emphasis by experimenting with elements like size, colour, structure, placement, message and overall feel.

The Solution

By creating an unconventional logo that incorporates offset elements, varying type sizes, thick and thin borders and a slight rotation, we were able to achieve our goal of an impactful logo that portrays growth.

01. Brand - 1
02. Brand - 2
03. Brand - 3
04. Brand - 4
05. Brand - 5
06. Brand - 6
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mailer jargon postcard

Be Big Mailer

Our main goal was to let businesses in our surrounding area know that we are a full-service marketing agency. We also wanted to drive traffic to the BE BIG landing page we were creating as part of our campaign (more on that in 2 weeks).


Our designers came up with a few ideas that would certainly spark interest. We decided on one that was both cost efficient and effective: an over-sized 6” x 9” postcard.

Be Big Mailer Infographic Be Big Mailer Infographic

We decided to help clients understand web industry terminology and feel comfortable approaching us for advice and solutions. To do this we placed our branding on the front side. On the back was a flurry of tech jargon angled to show the speed of which new technologies expand in the industry. It carried a message to embrace those ideas; reinforcing the fact that we were here to help them understand what these technologies can do for their businesses.

Be Big Postcard


Once the postcards were shipped out, we received a number of calls from businesses not knowing we existed; which has led to new relationships and sales for our company. While we didn't receive as much interaction as we had hoped initially, we still consider the mailer a success thanks to those new contacts and the foundation we've built for our BE BIG campaign.

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The Landing Page

Before we had content for this BE BIG microsite, we set up a landing page.

Landing pages are typically stand alone web pages distinct from your main website and designed with a specific objective. There are 2 basic types of landing pages: Click Through, and Lead Generating.

The Click Through style is more for ecommerce purposes and encourages viewers to click through to the next page, which is often a shopping cart or registration page. Their goal is to provide potential buyers with enough information that they are ready to make a purchasing decision.

The Lead Generating style of landing page, which is the one we chose, is aimed at gathering user data so as to expand your potential client base. For our landing page we wanted to explain the details of our campaign and encourage visitors to sign up for future notifications when new content would be posted.

What makes a landing page effective? We could list a ton of tips for this, but it really all depends on who you are targeting, and what industry you are in. Here are a few key elements we implemented into our landing page:

  • Focused Message
  • Clean Layout
  • Call to Action
  • Cross-Linking
  • Focused Message

To understand these elements better and how we incorporated them into our page, please click here.


From when the landing page launched, on February 2nd through to March 10th we had 117 unique pageviews (meaning 117 different people viewed the landing page over the course of a month). 37 of those people chose to visit our full website from the landing page. We received a number calls and emails from current clients asking about the campaign, and also a few new client calls wondering about the services we offer and requesting quotes. Not a bad start to the campaign, and it was just the beginning….

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Responsive Web Design

It has been a few years since we designed our website and, in that little time, so much had changed in web design. We knew it was time for our website to get updated. The most important change - we needed a responsive website.

Responsive design is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices from desktop computers to tablets to mobile phones. In other words, the website should have the technology to automatically respond to the user's preferences.

 responsive data

Google Shakes Up Search Results

"Google's latest update to its search algorithm puts mobile front and centre."

This means that websites without a good mobile website will suffer. With a move like this, we are seeing a massive shift to responsive websites rapidly becoming the new standard. You can read further about the new changes at Google here.

Where Does One Start?

The first step is to figure out if your site is currently mobile-friendly or not . If not, it might be time to move in that direction and we can help you with that. By evaluating your current website statistics, core user base, and intended marketing goals, we can tailor a responsive solution that works best for your business. You'll be able to reach your current audience more effectively while expanding your presence within your industry, building a wider audience. Get in touch with us to discuss your options.

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Website Questionnaire

This is the most crucial step in the website design process because it will serve as the roadmap for your new website. Each facet of your organization must come together to figure out what the website is going to say, how it's going to look and how it's going to function. The website has to serve the needs of the entire organization, not just one department.

As we stepped into our own website redesign, we also had to take these principles into account. We had to treat ourselves as a client. As a team, we sat down and candidly answered our own client website questionnaire.

There were no surprise answers to the questions but what we ended up with was a united focus; our goal is to attract larger clients while still conveying the message that we are personable, fun and professional. Does this mean we don't want to work with smaller businesses? Not at all. It just means our new website will be focused on showing the amazing work we have done with our larger clients to demonstrate the scope of our expertise.

You can take a look at our website questionnaire. Is your business the same as the one next door? Do you have the same goals? Our guess is probably not. We know your business is different. So why design your site the same? Your clients come to you for a reason, so portray that in your website.

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Mood Boards

From an agency perspective, sometimes it's difficult to verbally explain a design concept to a client. Mood boards are tools professional designers use to help clients get a feeling for a design concept. They consist of a collection of images, textures and fonts, that can be either digital or physical, to convey the "mood" of the piece.

We've been working with the most difficult client we've had in a while - ourselves! As we started to envision our new website, our designers had to impart their ideas to the rest of our crew. As a first step, we used a website called Niice to gather inspiration from images and websites. As a team, we sat down and discussed which elements we thought conveyed the message we were looking for and, from this discussion, our mood board was ready to be produced.

Once the vision was nailed down, our designers went to work creating a digital mood board, which included: fonts, images, icons, layout styles and colours. It's the essence of our new website in one document.

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Social Media

When we started to strategize about our BE BIG campaign, we knew that social media would play a key role in the distribution of our valuable content. We needed to decide which social media platforms would work best and how we would use those platforms to share information.

Here are the four platforms we chose:

Graphic Intuitions
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Graphic Intuitions changed their banner image.

GI Cover Photo
Graphic Intuitions
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Facebook Advertising

Each time we added new content to our site, we not only promoted it on social media we also advertised it on Facebook.

With Facebook advertising, we were able to reach people outside of our followers to promote our campaign. The advantage of Facebook advertising (and most social media advertising) is that you can create highly targeted ads to help you reach your perfect audience. Here's what our most recent ad looked like.

The ads targeted people from Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and North Dakota. We targeted people who were business owners or management across multiple industries, as well as people who were interested in marketing, web design and graphic design.

Graphic Intuitions
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Graphic designers use mood boards to illustrate the vision they have for a client's website design. Check out the mood...

Posted by Graphic Intuitions Inc. on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We Set Up An Ad And You Won't Believe What Happened

With a nominal amount spent on advertising, we are able to reach a significant amount of people who are interested in the content we are providing. It's also a great way to get our name out to the communities we want to serve.

INVITE 3,741 15 $29.97
BRANDING 8,743 56 $29.58
MAILER 2,167 31 $37.50
LANDING PAGE 2,078 21 $34.35
RESPONSIVE DESIGN 16,059 92 $54.96
QUESTIONNAIRE 4,734 66 $53.89
Graphic Intuitions
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Why You Should Invest In Social Media Marketing

Eye vector Creates Brand Awareness
Hand Vector Creates Brand Loyalty
Bar graph Provides Metrics
About Your Audience
Conversion rates Increase Conversion Rates
Rank Improves Search
Engine Rankings
Dollar money Less Expensive Than
Other Advertising
Graphic Intuitions
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This Sounds Great!

Want to use social media to increase your marketing impact? Contact Doug, our Social Media Manager, to discuss how to get started!

Contact Us

Graphic Intuitions
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More and more, graphic designers are starting to incorporate icons in website design not just because they are visually appealing elements but because they provide functionality too. They help the user to quickly browse through a page to get a good scope of what the website has to offer at a glance.

Icons don't often get the credit they deserve because they do such a good job of blending into the design of a site. But these little artistic stamps definitely hold their own! Our designers wanted to incorporate them because they can be used to categorize website sections and, most importantly, they're fun to design!

Icons Icons
Icon block Icons

A Good Scout is Always Prepared!

If we've learned anything over the last couple months, it's that anything can happen in business, and the key to moving forward successfully is to be prepared. Put on your cub scouts hat and necktie - we're digging in deep.

For those of you following this site, you'll notice that this block has come out later than scheduled. While we would like to say we did this on purpose as a marketing strategy, it just wouldn't be true. Rather, the delay was a direct result of an internal disruption for which we weren't prepared, and which affected our timelines. And as any good scout knows, sometimes you need to get back to basics and reevaluate your processes to make sure your survival kit is ready for any unforeseen circumstances.

Disruptions in business can stem from a number of different sources: overstretched budgets, insufficient planning, client delays, and more often than not, resistance to change. Change happens!

The message we want to get across is that change is NOT bad. Change means growth. We've found there are basically 5 key steps (we call them the ABCDEs) to turning a tough situation into a beneficial one:

  1. Analyze. Take a step back, and look at what has happened and why.
  2. Brainstorm. Talk about what can be done different, and the tools required.
  3. Collaborate. Work with your team to implement the ideas and tools.
  4. Document. Track what you're doing so that it's clear to all involved.
  5. Execute. Put your new ideas and tools into motion.

The key is to be PRO-Active rather than RE-Active and we are doing this by continually searching out new ways to improve your business and the processes we use. Does a good scout wait until he's trapped in the woods to learn how to build a proper fire? Obviously not, that's dangerous thinking. A well-equipped survival kit and a detailed plan ensure that the scout is ready for any situation. In future blocks, we will be sharing the tools we have in our survival kit and show you how they can help streamline the processes you use in your own business.

Our Process

As our company evolves we are discovering the importance of planning. It sounds so obvious: you gain a client, figure out what they need, and execute the service required. Simple right? Maybe that works if you want your company to provide “ok” services. But that's not what we want... we want to excel in our field and provide our clients with services beyond their expectations. This is where our processes come in, and we've done some tweaking to how we approach, plan, and document our client's demands.


Stage 1 - The Idea

We work with you to define your vision - what do you need to do, and who will benefit from you doing it? We do this for free, and this vision document is the start of our partnership.


  1. website requirements

    budget estimate

  2. logo specs


    Website questionaire




rouch estimate

Stage 2 - The Plan

Once you have reviewed and approved the Idea we are able to move to the Planning Stage. We work with you to figure out all of the details and parameters of the project. This phase is designed to identify all of the key elements required for completion, and greatly reduces risks associated with the development and integration activities.

The documentation we produce allows us to establish all details up-front, such as: website content, design styles, timelines, costs, wireframes, sitemaps, etc. These specifications ensure you know exactly what you are getting, why you are getting it, how long it will take to produce, and how much it will cost.

We charge a flat rate fee for this work, while most other companies bury it in the development costs. We choose to put it up front because it actually saves you money in the long run, as we are doing all of the planning up-front and answering any unknowns early on. It also reduces risk during production, as we now have documentation created for the entire production team to complete the work, which helps to ensure project timelines are met.


Cost Breakdown:

Responsive Website: $15500

Logo Design: $1200

Marketing Materials: $1100


Timeline: 3 months

Total Cost:



Red Guid line Red Guid line Red Guid line

Stage 3 - The Build

You've spent time meeting with our team and reviewing the Plan, and have given the official go-ahead. Now what? Well now you sit back and let us do what we do best - create your site!

We get the ball rolling with a Project Kick-Off meeting, which includes everyone who has been and will be involved with the site build: the Sales team, Web Producer, Designers and Developers, Project Manager, and Digital Marketing Manager. Even if some of us only have small roles to play in the build of the site, including us all in the Initial Kickoff meeting is a crucial step to ensuring our entire team is aware of the requirements of the project. This forum of creative minds is also an excellent opportunity to generate some great ideas for the site designs and functionality.

Once ideas are in place and project specifications are understood by all involved, the designers and developers do their thing. And our Project Manager makes sure our team keeps on schedule with tasks, the client is aware of the progress being made, and we're answering any questions you may have throughout the process.

Final Stage - The Launch

Now that your website has been designed and developed, content has been added and the basic SEO elements have been incorporated - we are ready for launch!

But the launch of a new website is a major event for your business, so in order to get the most out of your investment you really want to promote the site as much as possible through social media, emailers, online advertising, etc. This will ensure you get eyes on the site and leads for future sales.

Now that you have a new responsive website, the goal is to keep the momentum going by building your digital marketing plan around the new site. Regular blog posts, social media updates, content changes, online advertising... these are all things that are done after the site is launched to help you continue to grow your business. And we can help! The role of our digital marketing team is to analyze the various ways you can increase leads and generate sales, and then create plans for implementing those strategies into your current business model and budget.

Contact Us today to find out how we can help your business grow!