If a picture says 1000 words, how much does a brand say about a company? Your corporate identity is one of the first things people see, so you want it to make a good impression. By creating effective graphic design pieces that pull together your print materials, advertising, web design and digital marketing, you are creating a powerful brand that works cohesively together.

When deciding on the goals you want for your branding, the following questions need to be considered:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What feeling do you want your brand to portray?
  • Which colours should be used to help create these feelings?
  • What symbols should your brand include?
  • What type of font should be used?

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The Importance of Business Branding

Branding is more than just your logo. It’s how your marketing materials and strategies work together to attain your business goals. It includes everything from your website and social media presence to your print materials and signage.

Your business branding has a major impact on the amount and type of sales you get. In today’s market, customers base a lot of their purchase decisions on feeling. This includes your business’ reputation, experience, and quality. Good business branding will make people want to purchase with you and hopefully recommend you to others.

In order to build your business’s brand or reputation, you need to:

  • Educate customers about your company and your products
  • Give your company a voice that people can associate and connect with
  • Keep your graphic design and branding consistent across all marketing endeavors