Salem Foundation logo design

Salem Foundation Branding

We worked with the team at the Salem Foundation to create a logo that exemplified who they are as a company and what their values are.

For each branding project we work on we always include a rationale for the design to better explain our thought process and style choices. The idea behind this design was to create symbols that portrayed a strong yet caring organization. To achieve this we used a combination of bold shapes, solid colours, and clean fonts, with an appropriate amount of negative space between each element to still give the logo a soft feel.

graphic design Salem cross logo

Icon Exploration

graphic design Salem cross graphic design Salem cross

The cross itself is made up of 13 circles to represent the 13 churches that support the Foundation. The colour was sampled from the gold of the Salem Home logo, which is associated with wisdom, understanding and enlightenment. It also represents generosity, giving, compassion and love. We incorporated some perspective onto the cross, making it seem as though you are looking up at it from below. This is to show growth in the foundation and to keep looking ahead at new opportunity and trusting in God to provide. 

As for the type, we wanted the fonts we chose to be bold for strength, yet tie back to the Salem Home logo. We achieved this by using a very similar font for the “Salem” type, and then created some hierarchy by using a simpler font for the word “Foundation”.

Our team at Graphic Intuitions really enjoyed working with the team at Salem Home on a project and are very happy with the finalized logo design.

Type Options

graphic design Salem cross logo